Challenging vintages - wonderful wines We are proud that our wines received several awards in 2015 and 2016. Please try our wines yourself and find out more about our way of winegrowing and winemaking. We are looking forward to meeting you at our winery or at a wine tasting. If you like to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wine grows with nature. The soil, the climate, in particular the alternating factors of a vegetation period like sunshine and rainfall shape each vintage in a different way. It takes lots of experience, knowledge, intuition and gentle modern technology to bring this natural occurrence into a glass. For over 200 years, the Höllerer Winery has been working to offer exactly this to our customers: Making nature delightfully tangible and alive through its wine.

A bottle of wine is a kind of battery, charged with sunshine, flavor and memory. (Andrew Jefford)

Each bottle of wine itself is a flavorful reminder of the previous vegetation period. The soil, the sunshine, the amount of rainfall and, of course, the characteristics of the grape variety shape the quality of the end product. Our vineyard lies in the southern Kamp valley between the Kamp River, which slowly flows towards the Danube, and the Wagram mountain range, which rises in the East. This special geographical position causes many microclimates to meet here, as if they were virtually created for wine-growing. more »

Different geological formations can also be found here. Our grapes stand on deep loess, gneiss or terrace rubble covered with a layer of loam. Each of these types of soil is especially suited to a certain grape variety - this forms the flavorful characteristic of our region and allows for a diverse variety of the highest quality.
While working in the vineyard we see this diversity on a daily basis, which makes us see nature as a partner, which needs to be protected and looked after. more »

Winemaking is easy once you learn how - it's just the first 200 years that are difficult. (Madame Rothschild)

Nature follows its own cycles. And although the change in seasons appears to be uniform, each vegetation period is quite different upon closer inspection. Rainfall, hours of sunshine and fluctuations in day and night temperatures give each year and each variety its own typical character. Time and again we are faced with new situations and challenges which need to be dealt with - the experience of many generations is of vital assistance in this case. more »

From the first flowers in spring, to canopy management in summer, right up to the grape harvest in autumn, all work is geared towards bringing the grapes undamaged into the cellars. While we have to protect the grapes from drought and too much sunshine in some years, in other years we have to remove the leaves to let the grapes dry in the wind. Each year requires a different kind of approach in the vineyard, and likewise in the cellar, depending on the prevailing conditions. more »

Humans always want everything to be different. At the same time everything should stay the same. (Paulo Coelho)

Technology and advancing knowledge on natural relationships have led to enormous progress in wine-growing, particularly in enology. The controlled fermentation of the must in temperature-regulated stainless steel tanks is a matter of course today. Despite the modern possibilities available, it is essential to uphold the well-tried. Only when old and new are combined can the best possible results be achieved. And therefore we also do not want to give up using oak vats for maturation and storage in future. more »

When it comes to acquiring knowledge, then it is also about exploring new boundaries. It is necessary to combine new findings with tradition in such a way that it benefits the whole. Alois Höllerer's practical training in South Africa and Germany, and his acquired knowledge from his business studies, are all incorporated into the work. One cannot stand still in the wine-growing business. Curiosity and appreciation of traditions are in constant interplay. more »

The whole is more than the sum of the individual parts. (Aristoteles)

All of us who work in the Höllerer Vineyard believe that work has to be discussed together in a family like manner and that everyone's ideas have to be considered. If we all acknowledge one another and work together respectfully, then we can really pursue our goals together. Therefore everyone's abilities and strengths are encouraged and together result in a climate that focuses on enjoying work and, in particular, the results. more »

As is generally known, taste cannot be disputed, especially as each wine has its own personal note. Even each of us in the vineyard always has their own one or more favourite wines. All the more important is the extensive exchange when wine tasting during the fermentation, storage and before the bottling. Only in this way can our quality constantly be improved and an optimum achieved on the way from the vineyard to the bottle - for the benefit of our customers. more »

Satisfaction and the desire for more only begin for wine customers when the right wine is found - that is, the wine that fulfills their expectations. (Robert Göbel)

Customers come to us with a certain expectation of their favorite wines. It is our job to find a suitable wine by talking to them. At the same time, it is also our goal to surpass their expectations so that we win their continuing trust with the ongoing optimization of our work. more »

Nature’s rhythms have already yielded wine into our hands, which bears the name Höllerer, more than 200 times. Wine that delights the hearts of connoisseurs. We would all be extremely happy should this remain the case as long as possible.

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